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Driving License Overview

If you haven’t taken a certified driver’s education course, you must know the driving rules and regulations in New York State. The safest and best route to licensing is to take an NYS-approved driver’s education course at age 17, then take the road test and receive a full license.

Taking this route provides far better training with the added benefit of never being at the whim of police enforcement, as you would be with the six months of provisional licenses without taking a driver’s education.

Junior License Law

If you have or will be getting a junior permit or license, know this – if you violate the law, especially if it is a serious violation, your license could get a mandatory DMV suspension for 60 days and you could also get hit with three points or more.

Additionally, if you are found guilty of texting or using your cell phone while driving, your license will be suspended for 120 days.

Driver’s Education

You could get your license at age 17 if you have completed a certified driver’s education course. There are many locations where your parents can sign you up throughout the state.

You Will Be On Probation

Once you receive your driver’s license at 17 after completing driver’s ed or at 18 when you are legally allowed to drive without the certified course, you will still be on probation for six months, and you will be subject to the penalties described above! 

As Per the New York State DMV Website:

Probation Period for All Other Newly Licensed Drivers

“If you are 18 or older when you pass your road test for a driver’s license or obtain a license following revocation, you will be on probation for six months.

If you are convicted of DWAI (alcohol), speeding, reckless driving, following too closely, participating in a speed contest, or any two traffic violations while on probation, your license will be suspended for 60 days. Following the end of the 60-day suspension, a new six-month probationary period will begin. If you are found guilty of one of the above violations or any two traffic violations during this second probationary period, your license will be revoked for at least six months. If your license is restored following the revocation, you will be on probation for another six months.

If you are convicted of a texting or cell phone violation, your probationary license will be suspended for 120 days.”

Alcohol and Drugs

Driving under the influence will not only get your license suspended but you could be arrested, and if you are in a collision with another vehicle or someone is injured, you will be facing a judge. So don’t be foolish! 

Attention New York City Drivers!

It has come to my attention that many teens do not take driver’s ed in NYC and get their license when they become 18. This causes a problem. 

A lot of my clients, especially young boys in Brooklyn and Staten Island get their licenses without knowing the penalties for violating the law, and subsequently think that they can conquer the road by driving aggressively and dangerously. 

If you are getting your license or will be getting it soon, you must know about the penalties you will be subjected to should you violate the law! 


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